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Kathleen Lights Dream St. Bundle – Is it worth the hype?

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!!  I hope everyone enjoyed eating and celebrating with friends and family.  We spent Christmas Eve with family and most Latinos pretty much celebrate on Christmas Eve.  Ask me why?  I have no clue.  Christmas morning we wake up early, thanks to the kiddos, and open gifts with my mom.  This is the one holiday she truly enjoys so we always spend it with her.  Later that evening my husband had to work and so I went to my friend’s house with the boys for a very quick play date.  We were exhausted so it wasn’t a very long evening.  Both my friend and I were struggling to keep our eyes open.

I particularly love the holidays so I can experiment with makeup looks.  I feel like the holidays are a great time to add some glitter and a bold lip.  I had so much fun creating my holiday look.  I did a black and silver halo smokey eye with a bit of silver glitter.  I paired my bold eye look with a red glitter lip.  I loved how the look turned out but it was very time consuming.

So since we’re now talking about makeup, I will review an early Christmas gift from my husband.  I love Kathleen Lights and I love all of her collaborations.  If you all don’t know who Kathleen is, she is a very popular long time YouTuber who has been part of the YouTube family for I believe about 7 years.  She has about 3.5 million subscribers and she is one of my favorites to watch.  She doesn’t do crazy, difficult makeup looks because she herself will tell you she isn’t a professional makeup artist.  She is just funny and quirky and down to earth, very entertaining to watch.  But she also has been a beauty influencer for a very long time and she knows makeup.  Since she knows her stuff, when she does collaborations with makeup brands, she always nails it.  Her newest collaboration is with one of my favorite affordable makeup brands ColourPop.  I’ve mentioned ColourPop in other blog posts but if this is your first time reading our blog then you don’t really understand my love for this company.  Oh and guess what?  ColourPop is now being sold in certain Sephora’s around the US.  I’m psyched!!!!

Kathleen’s collaboration with ColourPop is not her first with them.  In fact her very first collaboration with any company was ColourPop and she created a lippie stix called Lumiere.  It’s still available and gorgeous, if you all wish to purchase it.  In this collaboration she has put together a stunning eyeshadow palette and created 3 gorgeous lip colors.  Her collaboration is called Dream St. and if you wish to learn more about why she named it that or how she came up with the colors and names for the colors you can check out her YouTube page.  She has a video on it as well as a makeup tutorial with the eyeshadow palette.  Now on to my review!!!

Let’s start with the Dream St. eyeshadow palette.  The palette comes with 12 colors that are a mix between neutrals and bright colors.  This palette is beautiful and not only that, it’s great quality.  The shadows are like butter, smooth, soft, ultra pigmented but blendable.  Absolutely little fall out, which shows Kathleen was very careful to get the formula for these shadows just right.  There are 6 matte shades, 5 metallic shades and 1 shimmer/satin shade.  The top shades from left to right are Shooting Star, which is a soft brown.  Magical that is a peachy shade, Star Dust that is a true copper shade and Twinkle which is a pink metallic shade.  Second row from left to right are Sweet Dreams, a gold metallic color, Water Bearer which is a dark turquoise blue color.  Absolutely stunning!!!!  Potion, which is a red brown and Spark, which is red.  The last row is Kaleidoscope,  which is a champagne/silver color, Elfish, which is a true brown, Moony which is a light pink satin shade and finally Mermaid Boy which is a metallic turquoise blue.

The one thing Kathleen always gets right are her choices of lipstick shades.  These colors are right up my alley.  I love ColourPop’s Satin lip more than I like their Matte liquid lipsticks so I was happy when she decided to go with Satin Lips instead of the Matte’s.  Anyway, my swatches don’t match up to the lipsticks in the pic so I’m sorry about that.  I just noticed after I had uploaded.  But we will start with the two Satin Lips and leave the lip gloss for last.  Now if you have been reading or if you have seen some of our pics on IG, you’ll see I have a serious love for Orange Red lipsticks.  They go really well with my olive skin tone and I’m drawn to them.  So I was thrilled to see that she chose a bright orange as one of her lip choices.  The color is called Rever and it is gorgeous.  I usually wear these types of colors in the summer.  The next satin lip is called Dreamy and it’s the perfect pinky nude.  It has a bit of brown in it and it is perfection.  I’m also happy she added a gloss because you can’t have enough nude glosses in your collection and she created the perfect pinky nude called Moon Child.  ColouPop’s nudes are a really good formula.  They can be worn alone because they are very pigmented but also can go over any lipstick.  They are not sticky and feel very comfortable on the lips.

Well there you have it, I give this collaboration an A+.  The palette and lipsticks are no longer being sold as a bundle but you can get them separately as I did.  I think I actually paid less for them separately than I did had I bought the bundle.  The Dream St. eyeshadow palette is being sold for $16.00 and the Lip Bundle is being sold for $15.00.  The lip bundle was originally $18.00 so you’re getting an excellent deal.  I would hurry and get it because I believe the palette and lip bundle are limited edition items.  But who really knows with ColourPop, if things are selling they tend to keep them around for a while.  But why wait?  You can purchase Dream St. here at

I hope everyone has a great time for New Year’s Eve, whether you spend it with family, at home or out.  Just be safe and no drinking and driving please.  We have Uber and Lyft so there is no excuse.  And I’ll see you all in the new year. Cheers!!!

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