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Jezika’s Thoughts on the New Morphe Dare to Create 39A Palette

Hey lovelies!!!!

So sorry that I came back from vacation and then took another week off last week.  I caught the flu!!!  I haven’t had the flu in years.  I usually get a million and one colds and or sinus infections in a year but I haven’t suffered from the flu in a very long time.  So this bitch knocked me on my ass.  I was bed ridden the first few days and thank goodness for my husband and my mom because I could not even do minimal tasks.  It’s been a week and I’m still not 100% and have a nasty lingering cough.  I get winded quickly as well so I can only do a few things per day and need to take breaks.  Anyway, you don’t come on here to read about my ailments so I’ll get right down to it.  You want to know about this palette huh?  Well here are my thoughts:

The aesthetics of this palette are astounding and eye catching for sure.  The moment I saw this palette I was blown away by the pure beauty of it.  There are so many gorgeous colors ranging from pinks, to purples, to greens, to blues, to browns.  I knew I had to have it.  Plus there’s 39 friggin colors in this palette.  I bought this palette without truly looking carefully at it and we tend to do that because we are simply impulse buyers when it comes to makeup.  Well I am at least, and when I received this palette and started using it, I realized that this palette had issues.  Similarly, like when we start to date a man and he’s single and seems utterly perfect and you wonder why exactly are you single?  Then you get to know him after a couple of dates and you’re like “oh that’s why”.  Well that’s how I felt about this palette.  Let me break it down for you and let you know why I feel this way.

I’ll start off by detailing what I like about this palette.  What drew me to the palette in the first place were the colors.  I have a million palettes and in all my palettes that I own not many of them have green eyeshadow.  Of course I have some with greens but I don’t have any army greens or neutral greens, and this palette has those colors.  There are so many interesting colors in here and it forces you to get creative.  Hence the name of the palette “Dare to Create”.  The formula on the shadows are perfect.  They shadows are smooth, blendable and easy to work with.  I love the layout of the colors.  You get transition shades right in the middle of the palette and so many colors to work with.  They are large pans because those are the colors you use to start a look off with, so you tend to hit pan quicker on transition colors than on other colors.  So I like that they give you more product for those colors.  I love that each row is color coordinated and is especially helpful for beginners who may not necessarily know which colors go with which.  The price on the palette is affordable and only costs $32.00.  So you get 39 colors for slightly over $1 each.  I mean, you can’t beat that price.

Now I’ll run down my dislikes about the palette.  When I start a makeup look I use a base color over my eyeshadow primer so that my shadows blend seamlessly and don’t catch onto the primer.  Primers tend to be sticky and they’re that way so that shadow sticks and doesn’t budge.  But it makes blending difficult so you lay a base color down so that you can smoothly blend the transition shade.  It’s just makeup 101 and a pretty useful step if you want a blended eye look.  I’ve written blend about 1000 times, so excuse me.  So back to my point, base colors are usually neutral shades that are colors similar to your natural skin tone.  Although, this palette has numerous transition shades, it lacks a color you can use as a base shadow.  At least for me the one in the palette is slightly too dark.  I used it but it’s not the best.  It will work for someone whose darker than me for sure.  Now since the palette lacks a base color it also lacks a light brow bone highlighting color.  Again, not that it’s necessary but I like to highlight my brow bone with a lighter shade and this palette does not have it.  As I looked closer, I noticed the palette does not have any light colored shadows.  There are no light shimmer shades, there are no light neutral shades, there are no colors to highlight the inner corner either.  That was where I struggled because that basically narrows down the amount of looks you can do with this palette.  The only looks you can do are smokey eye looks and colorful eye looks.  Which I do love, don’t get me wrong.  Smokey looks always go really well with my hooded eyes but if I wanted a to do a halo eye, there would be no light colored shadow to do it with in this palette.

So my overall opinion of this palette and whether I find it worth it?  I will give it an “eh” review.  Again, the product itself is excellent and if you are the type of person who wants to get creative with color, then this is for you.  If you don’t care that you may have to supplement another palette to get a look that requires a light shimmer shadow on the lid then I say go for it.  You really can’t go wrong with having this in your collection and if you’re a makeup junky like me you will love it.  Now if you are the type of woman who wants an everyday, neutral eye palette, you can find some great neutral colors in this palette but they are pretty much all mattes.  You will feel semi limiting in that aspect because this isn’t exactly that type of palette.  So again, your decision to purchase this palette will be based on what type of looks you will want to be creating.  Remember this palette is a Limited Edition holiday palette from Morphe, so if you are interested in purchasing it, I’d get it asap.  I do not know how long it will be available for after the holidays.

If you’ve purchased this palette, let me know your thoughts on it and if you haven’t yet let me know if you are considering it.  Happy Holidays!!!

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  • Olivine
    December 19, 2017 at 4:54 pm

    I just have a few suggestions for this blog because I want you two to be so successful. 1st more pictures. Before and after using products. Maybe some step by step tutorials. 2nd possibly some vlogs to go along with the reviews. I find myself just skimming through not really paying attention because there’s nothing to see. With a beauty blog I think everyone wants to see as well as read/hear about your thoughts. But visuals are a must. As the blog gets better maybe invest in a better camera and/or photographer. I hope this blogs takes off and leads to some awesome business deals for you guys. Good luck!

    • Jezika
      December 19, 2017 at 5:29 pm

      Thank you Olivine. We welcome your thoughts and opinions. Our hope is to do exactly what you are recommending. We plan on doing some tutorials and look forward to getting better equipment for better pics. Some of our other blog posts have multiple pics. But it always depends on what we are writing about. I appreciate your thoughts and thank you for taking the time in giving us some advice!

  • Olivia
    December 23, 2017 at 5:52 am

    I see one mistake. If it’s $32 and there are 39 colors it’s under a dollar for each color not over a dollar. Other then that I love your review. I got this palette and my exact thoughts are what you said.

    • Jezika
      December 27, 2017 at 12:36 pm

      AH yes you are correct! I love the colors but yes it is missing a few key eyeshadows.