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Brandi’s Skin Care Update and Random Rambles

Brandi has been sequestered in the Celebrity Big Brother house until the end of February, however, she wanted to leave you with some info on her skin care treatment she just had done with The Skin Saint.  You can read all about Holly Cutler here: Below are 3 video updates from Brandi.  When she returns she will type up details and information on what procedures she had done.  Enjoy!!! Fraxel Pearl Laser Treatment Day 1: Day 1 – Second update:…

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Dear Gerry

So I’m not exactly sure when misogyny became so hip, cool and accepted but what I will tell you is that I won’t fucking stand for it anymore! I’m talking…

Beauty Skincare

Picosure Update

To those who wanted to know how my Picosure procedures went, here is my update: Let us know if you have done Picosure yourself and comment below about your experience. …