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Does ABH Sugar Glow Kit Live Up to Glow Kit Standards?

As exciting as, makeup can be I will never be able to live up to Brandi’s latest post…that sure was some lovely tea!!!  But good for her, way too long women have been demeaned by men and sadly by women.  I think that’s even worse, we sisters got to stick together.  Unfortunately, there are some women out there that do nothing but put other women down and  because of jealousy or insecurities they bash instead of uplift.  Women, we have to do better!!

Anyway, back to the makeup, which won’t get as many clicks I’m sure, but giving you my honest opinion on makeup is what I do.  You all know I love my highlighters and I love my highlighting palettes and some of the best palettes are of course the Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kits.  I think we are up to number 5 or 6 by now.  I’ve blogged about the Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit before.  You can read about it here:

So when I saw that ABH came out with a new highlighting palette I wanted to see if it was as good as the others.  She tends to be very hit or miss with some of them.  This palette is called the Sugar Glow Kit and it is visually stunning.  The formula is very soft and just by looking at them, they are not glittery highlighters.  In fact when I swatched them, they felt very buttery and smooth.  Marshmallow is classified as a white pearl color, if you look closely it looks like it has gold reflects.  Gumdrop is duo chrome pink lilac, which it really is.  Butterscotch is my all time favorite out of the bunch and its a honey gold, and finally Starburst which is an icy pink.

Here are my thoughts on this palette…I did not really like it.  My reasons for not liking it were simply this, only one of the 4 colors actually went with my skin tone.  I am a medium skin tone with olive undertones and these icy and bright colors did not blend in well with me.  They sat on top of my skin and looked very obvious that I was wearing highlighter.  And not in that good way, it looked like a streak of highlight on my face.  Not cute at all.  Also, the formula seemed off.  To me the highlight looked patchy and no matter what brush I used it did not seem to blend into my skin that well.  Although, the colors did not compliment me does not mean they won’t compliment someone with lighter skin tones.  If you have  medium to dark complexion, I would skip this palette.  You will feel like you wasted $40 on a palette that wouldn’t work for you.  I hardly reach for this beauty, which sucks.

Now that I gave you my honest opinion on the Sugar Glow Kit I just wanted to throw in some highlighters that I love that I think you all would love too.

I posted this gorgeous putty highlighter on our IG account and a lot of people commented that this was their favorite as well.  The consistency of this highlighter is so unique, you can stick your finger right in it and it doesn’t crumble or fall apart.  You can push it right back together and smooth it over also.  This is Stila’s Heaven’s Hue Highlighter in the color Kitten and it is the most beautiful nude pink.  This applies to the skin amazingly, it leaves a glow that looks like its coming from within and looks like it is a cream highlighter on the skin but it blends in like a powder.  This highlighter is a high end brand and can be purchased for $32.  I know it seems like a lot but it’s worth the money.  Unfortunately, there are only 3 shades but I hope they come out with more because these are awesome highlighters.

The next recommended highlighter is also a high end brand but can be used in multiple ways.  This highlighter is Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Liquid in the color Prosecco Pop.  One of her most popular colors and such a beautiful warm gold.  I love gold highlighters and it’s because of my skin tone.  But this color looks great on anyone with a tan in the summer.  I love to use this liquid highlighter in many different ways.  You can use it to highlight your cheekbones, and the high points of your face, you can put a drop of the highlighter and mix it in with your foundation to give it a nice dewey glow.  Best used with matte foundation formulas so that your foundation looks more skin like.  You can also put this down first and then apply a highlighter on top for an added pop.  Because there are so many ways to use this highlighter it’s totally worth the $41.  There are also 7 different shades so people can find their perfect color for any skin tone.

So there you have it.  Even though I didn’t think the Sugar Glow Kit was worth it to me, I did give you some options of ones I felt were worth the money.  Of course everyone has a different opinion and everyone is not my skin coloring so I recommend going to an Ulta or a Sephora and testing out the product before purchasing to see if you like it.

Comment if you have the kit or if you are thinking of getting it.  We’d love to hear your opinions.  Also, let’s all wish Brandi good luck in the first ever Celebrity Big Brother US house.  We know she’s gonna bring it!!!

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    January 30, 2018 at 6:15 pm

    It is unfortunate for those of us who donated to the go fund me account for the little boy w/ cancer only to have your Twitter account private and not allow people to see updates. Hard to support the blog after that. Also, difficult to see you accept anyone willing to bash Leann Rimes publicly but not others.
    Thank you.

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      February 6, 2018 at 7:38 pm

      The boy who had cancer is named Jason and he has a FB page dedicated to his updates. I went private because I was being harassed and no I don’t accept anyone who bashes Leann. In fact I could careless about Leann. I like having a personal twitter page that is private so I can tweet about whatever I want without the ongoing drama. I don’t understand what being kind and donating to a child with cancer has to do with viewing my personal twitter page or this blog? I thought donating came from the goodness of ones heart.

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